What is Good Nutrition?

While movement is a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to health and wellness, nutrition plays an even bigger role, especially if you have specific body composition goals! I know that the world of nutrition can be overwhelming - dizzying amounts of information is available at our fingertips and most of it is conflicting (I mean, I’m IN this business and sometimes it makes MY heads spin).

Do I have to cut out all carbs? Should I eat low fat? Will protein destroy my kidneys? Is 1200 calories daily the magic number for fat loss? Do I have to buy special foods or supplements? Do I even NEED to lose weight at all? Do I need to eliminate sugar/fruit? My friend is doing XYZ diet and swears by it, is it right for me? Why am I so hungry and exhausted?

I don’t coach diets...I coach PEOPLE. Sure, it's easy to print out EAT THIS/NOT THAT lists of food and follow the rules for 30 days (except sometimes it's not). And most often, it's even EASIER to go right back to your old bad habits the minute that monthlong challenge ends. If you’re white-knuckling and counting down the days until you can binge on a pizza, are you REALLY creating lasting change, or are you just temporarily altering your life to meet an arbitrary set of rules that may or may not be the right one for you?

Real life is hard. Real life is unpredictable. Real life is family functions, fancy restaurants, kids, unexpected work meetings, and sugar cravings. Real life is seasonal, honoring the times in your year where you may be able to devote more time to fitness, wellness, and body composition and times when it’s okay to step back and just maintain. And when things get crazy, you need confidence in your own choices and solid nutrition skills to keep you afloat.

As we work together, we’ll dig deep into your current habits, your relationship with food, and your “why.” You’ll begin by identifying your values around nutrition and wellness. Whether you want to have more energy to play with your kids, be better at your job, feel more comfortable in your favorite clothes, or simply to stop feeling like you’re a slave to diets, meal prep, and thinking about food - it’s all valid and it’s all worthy! After all, the first step to making a change is identifying where you’re going and why.

Then, we’ll work to design a plan for sustainable behavior change that fits YOU, your life, the pace you’re ready for, and the time and energy you can currently devote to practice. Think of me as your guide, your ally, and your co-pilot. I’m not here to yell at you or shame you, I’m here to help you see the bigger picture and move through roadblocks and challenges along the way. Whether you hate cooking, love intuitive eating, geek out on numbers and spreadsheets, or just simply need a message other than “what’s your excuse/no pain, no gain” - I’ve got you covered!

See, instead of just throwing out a random list of “bad” foods, punching your height and weight into a computer to generate your macronutrient and calorie requirements, or telling you that the solution is just do more cardio, I use what’s called “habit based coaching” to give you the tools you need to make incremental improvements in your health and wellness in even the most unpredictable times in your life.

You’ll learn skills like:

  • Identifying sources of protein, carbs, and fat to make sure your meals are balanced without driving you nuts

  • Navigating cravings, emotional eating, or other habits that aren’t in line with your goals

  • Determining proper portions sizes (with or without weighing/measuring/counting)

  • Making good/better/best choices at restaurants or at other social events (no need to become a fat loss hermit!)

  • Making better choices in emergency/unplanned situations

  • Navigating your own body composition goals…

  • ...or simply NOT focusing on body composition/fat loss at all (whew, that’s a relief)

  • Managing “extras” like alcohol, treats, and special occasion

  • Identifying negative and damaging self talk

  • Overcoming perfectionism and the “screw-it” mentality

Instead of focusing on restrictive lists of forbidden foods, we'll practice navigating nutrition in the real world, building healthy habits and learning how you can enjoy the foods you love in a way that allows you to achieve your goals.

This is for anyone that's tired of being "on and off the wagon," has wasted money and time on 21 day "fixes" and 30 day elimination challenges to no avail, anyone that's ready to find a healthier, more reasonable, and practical relationship with food. So, what are you waiting for? Learn sustainability, sanity, and get off the diet roller coaster once and for all.




There’s no obligation! I want to get to know you and learn more about your background so I can make sure we’re a good fit and guide you in the direction that makes the most sense for your goals, budget, and personal preferences. At this point, if need be, we can also book a quick consult call to answer any questions you may have.


When you book this, you’ll receive a questionnaire that includes a 2 day food journal to fill out and submit to me before our first meeting (plan to spend some time filling it out, the more information I have from you the better!). Once you submit your questionnaire, I’ll review it before we sit down together to find the bright spots and identify areas of improvement. In our actual meeting, we’ll work together to develop your 8-12 week action plan that’s customized to meet you where you are and guide you towards improved health, body composition, relationship with food, and more, depending on your personal goal. Once you’ve completed your initial consult, you’ll have the tools you need to work your program on your own, but if you need or want additional support, you can choose from one of three ongoing accountability options.

Your initial consult includes:

  • Comprehensive review of your intro questionnaire and 2-3 day food journal - this will help me determine where you’re currently at and which areas you need/want the most support.

  • Intro packet with all of the information you need to be successful, including sample recipes and meals, knowledge bombs, mindfulness/hydration/wellness tips, and more

  • Initial photos, measurements, and other metric tracking depending on how you choose to gauge your progress.

  • Daily progress tracker for you to record whatever metrics we decide to focus on (measurements, habits, etc)

  • A skill based plan that's perfectly customized to your life and designed to get you off the yo-yo diet wagon once and for all.


Sustainable change is hard, and having a coach and co-pilot on your side as you work through the messy business of becoming who you want to be is invaluable. As your coach, I’m your co-pilot and your navigator, gently helping you to stay on course by reminding you of your why, adjusting your road map as needed to account for things like holidays, unplanned life events, and more, and issuing tough love when it’s required. You can opt in for ongoing coaching at ANY time, once you’ve completed your initial consult with me.


  • A 45 minute in-person/phone/video chat check in ($67 value) every month to review goals, plan for upcoming events and challenges, make changes to your plan as you progress

  • Weekly check-ins via email ($67 value) for additional accountability and support to help you stay on track.

  • Monthly photos/measurements or other metric tracking depending on how you choose to gauge progress.

While there’s no official minimum requirement, I recommend committing to at minimum 12 weeks of work to set yourself up for longterm success. My goal is that eventually you’ll feel so awesome about yourself and your habits/behaviors that you’ll no longer need me (unless you just really like my jokes and puppy pictures).