"Meghan helped me to recognize my emotional reliance on food – emotional ties really.  Food had always been the center of celebrations, comfort after a hard day, a reward for a job well done and so on. She showed me that food is FUEL for my body.  It could still be something I enjoyed, but it needed to be less about the food and the rules.  She helped me to remove the “shame” of failure of not being perfect by sharing with me that it was more about consistency over perfection.

My “aha moment” was when she shared the “Scarcity Mentality” with me.  Not everything had to be celebrated with food.  Not every hard day had to end with a HUG IN A BOWL (ice cream).   If I went to a place like Korean BBQ – a huge source of comfort foods for me – I realized I didn’t have to eat ALL THE THINGS in one sitting or clear out the pot stickers in one fell swoop! It was more about enjoying that moment; making the best choices I could about the food and who I was with. I could always go back and enjoy it another time!  It’s really made a difference in making clean, healthy eating a lifestyle and not a diet.  I learned that I could make choices – not cheat days.

Besides changing the way we eat, my family and I now like to choose activities that get us moving outdoors or spending time WITH each other and it doesn't need to be at a table with food in our face.  My husband and I joined a Crossfit box here and I am amazed daily at what I can do, how much I can lift or throw or carry!  A lot of that is greatly due to Meghan helping me to have a change in mindset.  I was able to break a lifetime of bad food habits and thinking and know that if I have an “off day” – it’s okay.  Roll with it; get right back up and keep going.  I have a life to live and I want to live it well."