Hi, I'm Meg.

I am an advocate for strength. I believe that people are inherently strong and that women especially deserve to live in a society that celebrates being MORE, not less. I love picking up heavy things to de-stress, to focus my own training, to become more functional at life, and to have a hell of a lot of fun while I break a sweat. My weapons of choice? Barbells, kettlebells, sandbags, tires, yokes, kegs, and anything else that gives me a sense of accomplishment and purpose. I am happier with myself and my place in the world because I value my body for what it can DO. And I find that I thrive when I have to work hard to accomplish something I never thought I could do.

I eat to feel awesome, support my activities, and ENJOY life on my own terms. I believe that food is delicious and doesn't have to be the enemy. I'm passionate about teaching women to feel satisfied by what they eat, fuel their activity to become stronger, more capable, and more self-confident, and be finished once and for all with the endless cycle of guilt and restriction.  I work with anyone who's sick of yo-yo dieting, of being on and off the wagon, and of feeling miserable and constantly hungry.

This change in perspective didn't happen overnight. I spent a good part of my college years and my early 20s on the elliptical machine, teaching step aerobics classes, and on a vicious cycle of dieting, overeating, and unhealthy living driven by relentless, misplaced perfectionism.

In 2009, after the sudden death of my dad, I found CrossFit, and it saved my sanity in more ways then one. My coaches put a barbell in my hand for the first time and taught me that the gym could be about performing better and being stronger, not necessarily becoming as skinny as possible. I learned that eating for nutrient density, cooking most of what I ate, chasing “good enough” instead of perfect, and eating ENOUGH food (with a healthy dose of chilling out and enjoying occasional treats) made me feel awesome.

During my short but glorious three years in Seattle at FUELhouse Gym, I developed a love for hardstyle kettlebell training as a compliment to my heavy lifting. Simply put, kettlebells make me feel both powerful and humbled. They make me break a sweat, get my heart rate up, and keep my brain sharp. They’ve turned me into a more balanced athlete, and I believe they’re an amazing tool for balancing strength, cardiovascular capacity, and general badassery.

I’m currently based in Carlisle, PA at Athena Warrior Fitness, where I teach group strength and conditioning classes, work with clients privately, and coach nutrition.

When I'm not there, I'm most likely curled up with a good book, going for long walks, hunting for the best brunch, and exploring Central PA. My playlists are equal parts Heart, 90s hip-hop, Beyonce, and Broadway, I probably curse too much, and Disney movies are my guilty pleasure. 

I can't wait to meet you!

Level 1 Kettlebell Certified

Level 1 Kettlebell Certified