"Can You Go?" #OneThing About Keeping Your Cool

I don't need to tell you guys how much of a privilege it was to hear renowned Coach Dan John speak at the Strength Matters summit. I even got to actually hang out with the man (like, have a drink, shoot the shit, laugh at Eddie Izzard - he's my people).  I don't know that I'll ever have it in me to earn a DJBB (Dan John Black Belt), but I certainly took away a ton when it came to the practice of assessing and training athletes not only for competition, but for life. 

Dan covered a LOT in his talks and dispersed the kind of wisdom you can only get from someone that's been in the game for a hell of a long time. 

My own upcoming competition (California's Strongest Woman) was on my mind throughout the weekend. I'm pretty open about the fact that I'm less than physically prepared for this one. I feel pretty confident about my ability to put up at score in most of the events, and a few are a complete wildcard. What can I say? For a beer city, it's really hard to find a keg to throw overhead in Seattle.  Honestly, I signed up on a passionate whim and just kind of rolled with it when it came to training. I've had lots on my plate over the past couple of months, coupled with being coach-less and team-less for the first time in my training life. Lesson learned - wandering-nomad style training doesn't suit me, I need a training partner, and I REALLY need to outsource my own programming to someone else. That said, I'm still planning to go in hard, leave it all on the platform, and have a freaking kick-ass time. 

So, how does Dan John's talk relate to my competition? On a practical note, he spoke a lot about maintaining your mental relaxation when you're on the contest floor by controlling your emotional arousal while you're in training. His words: "I always smile when I throw the discus."

My usual M.O of heading into contests for the enjoyment of them means that I'm RARELY in my own head. Sure, I've failed a snatch behind me at a meet because I didn't know where to look, lights in my face and lots of humans staring at me. But I rarely get "too" hyped. In fact, I could argue that I'm a little TOO calm - that I need to learn to dig deep and find that passion inside me that drives me to perform best as well as find that desire to want to do better than the competitor next to me. 

Quiet the mind, sling the stone.

Quiet the mind, sling the stone.

He offered some practical ways to control your tension and relaxation levels both on the practice platform and on the field of play. 

How to Relax? 
Shake it out
Wiggle the jaw
Count your breaths

On the flip side, sometimes you need to get a little fired up:
Isometric holds
Cold water
Have your friend/coach give you some friendly face/butt slaps (not weird)

And I know that this phrase has so many layers of meaning that he wrote a whole book about it, but when I'm sitting in the parking lot at Santa Cruz Strength and my head is spinning with all the ways I could possibly fail my next event, I'll hear Dan's voice in my head asking: 

Can you go?
Save the Xena Warrior Princess aggression for when it counts. 

Save the Xena Warrior Princess aggression for when it counts. 

Psssst. There are more than 65 women competing at California's Strongest Woman this weekend! Each of them embody strength, power and passion for the sport and prove that strongman is indeed for EVERYONE, regardless of size or shape. I'm so proud to be competing next to them. 

Want to watch? The live stream is here.
Want to know exactly what's going on? The rules and events are all detailed here.