Kelsey's Story


I have been working with Coach Meg for a couple of months in both her Barbell 101 classes and her Nutrition Recharge program. Meghan is so easy to work with, gives thoughtful advice, and motivates you to work towards your goals in a way that works best for you.

Every time I decide to follow a nutrition program, I do really great following the strict guidelines for a short amount of time, but then inevitably fall back into bad habits. The great thing about Meghan’s nutrition program is that she does not expect perfection. There is no strict diet to follow, simply building a diversity of good habits. It is hard to retrain your brain for this sort of lifestyle, but she has helped me realize that I am most likely to succeed if I have a good foundation to fall back on and I give myself leeway to enjoy treats every once and a while.

As a woman, barbell work is supposed to be intimidating, right? Meghan inspires me with her strength and passion for barbells. She takes this daunting strength tool and makes it fun and exciting. I started with very little barbell experience and her wonderful understanding of technique has helped me become more confident with each move. I hope to continue working with her in both nutrition and barbells to get stronger than ever.