Training, Day 2.

Jumped into Fuelhouse Friday tonight (or Fuckin' Fantastic Five Thirty Friday Fuel, as Sue says).  My biceps were a little sore from pulling yesterday, but I wanted to sling some kettlebells. 

Part 1:

3 half turkish getups (20kg) - to  a tall sit, 3 count at each position

3 kb floor presses (16kg)

30 second hardstyle plank

3 rounds for quality

Part 2: 

5 kettlebell clean and press (R) - 16kg/20kg

3 goblet squats (20kg)

5 kb c&p (L) 

3 goblet squats

5 rounds total.

Started with a 16kg bell, then jumped up to 20kg, which I wasn't able to strict press, so I push pressed it. Need to work on overhead strict volume.


(1) EMOM, 5 minutes, 5kb snatches per side @ 16kg (did this for 2 rounds then belled up to 20kg)

(2) With Susannah - 3 rounds alternating 20 wallballs (8#) and lateral hops.