"[Meg's] nutrition seminar was life-changing... Rice and potatoes were real food and sources of nutrition? It took two weeks of prodding from Meghan, who assured me that my gut would like it and I would be happier, before I ate potatoes for the first time in years! Taking out excessive sources of fat...and adding in healthy carbs was a game-changer for me! My gut liked me better, I could fuel my workouts properly, and I definitely saw changes in the way my clothes fit! My lifts stopped backsliding as they had for a year and a half, and I had my first PRs in almost two years!

I had gone into this thinking I might lose weight. I actually didn't, but everything looked and felt different. Another challenge was to not be too hard on myself, controlling to the point of obsession. 85% correct eating, all the time, beats out being crazy controlling. 

I also met my goal of making cooking (and eating) healthy food a sustainable process. Instead of finding myself needing to cook every day, I now had a couple things ready to go in the fridge whenever I needed them -- which will make the next time I'm back [at work] in the hospital a much better experience. For me, sustainability was the key that made it all worth it.